What is it?

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The Hackerspace:

The hackerspace is a real physical space that we all can use. It will have a fabrication shop with wood and metal work equipment, an electronics lab and a classroom where presentations can be made. It will have storage for community projects and be a place for community meetings. It will be a hub of inspired creativity, entrepreneurialism, and learning in our community. A hackerspace is a template for creativity, a blank page where all the tools and supplies are provided to fabricate an idea in any medium or dimension.

Organization and Planning Meetings:

We hold meetings every Tuesday at 7 PM in the YES community building, next to the Baca Grande Public Library on Road T in Crestone, CO. We meet here to plan events and organize. The first major milestone is to raise funds for the future facilities and equipment needed to realize a full-fledged maker workshop & hackerspace.

Educational Outreach:

We will be reaching out to our community schools to try and foster relationships with teacher and students, to promote our goals. In the long term, we envision this hackerspace as a supplement to local schools by providing technical education and a location for pre-engineering workshops.

About the word “Hack”:

In this context, we use the word generally to mean: “An ingenious solution to a complex program” -or- “Hacking might be characterized as ‘an appropriate application of ingenuity.'”

Hacking is only designing, building, and DIYing. Hacking can be anything from woodworking to programming, to making a circuit, and most of all it's about fun and getting your hands dirty.

A common misconception: This group does not encourage a more frequent use of the word which is gaining unauthorized access to a computer system with malicious intent. A hacker can choose to do bad things; however, this does not mean all those that hack are bad.


2 thoughts on “What is it?”

  1. anything going on, want to plug in.

    ras pi, 3d print etc etc.. live on other side of mountain in westcliffe…

    1. Tuesdays at 7pm our weekly meetings if you feel like hiking or driving over them thar hills to get here. Otherwise, check here for events. No events planned yet, but we shall spam the interwebs with invitations when there is one.

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