Our Game Plan

HackSLV is still in its infancy and we still have some big plans for how we are going to take this organization to the next level. In this, we will outline our general strategy and hopefully by doing this get our short-term wishlist ideas out into the world and see what we can turn up.


  1. Get the word out. This will be achieved through social media bombardment, increasing awareness in the local community, local publications, and of course our Happy Pi Day event.
  2. Find a long-term workshop >> find the hackerspace. This is our most important short-term goal. We need a place where our equipment can live full-time, where projects can take up bench space, and people can gather to work. Although we do have a temporary space, it is only for certain days of the week and significantly limits the vision we have for the hackerspace.
  3. Begin hacking. Even though we lack the long-term facilities and funding, we still hope to start some very 'hacky' hacking. This organization could not survive without the interest of the community, which is what we hope to engage with and grow as quickly as possible.
  4. Make local partnerships. We see ourselves as a highly versatile organization and hope to make partnerships with schools, local government, businesses, and other organizations.
  5. Get the funding, get the hackerspace, be awesome. We currently have a bunch of funding ideas in the works, which we plan to unleash once HackSLV becomes more established and we have demonstrated our value to the local community.

Want to help? Our wish-list is anything that turns these short-term goals into short-term accomplishments, such as:

Tell your friends, come to Happy Pi Day, like us on Facebook, tell us about your unused garage/workshop/barn/airplane hangar, organize a hacker workshop in our temporary space, tell us fundraising ideas, write us a check, donate equipment, make us your charity, tell us what project you want to work on.

Anything at all that helps with our short-term goals is appreciated, so please let us know.


This article was written by Swordy

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